Inlinkz and starting a card blog…

Inlinkz has proven to be very useful as a product list display. I haven’t used it hereĀ  yet since this is only post number two, but it’s a great way to share the products (with thumbnail photos) you use and links to buy those products. Right now, I’m just building up the arsenal of product links, racking my brain for all of the things I own, and linking to the sites you can buy them from.

On starting a blog… It’s hard for me because I don’t really have a way to record videos of me making cards, and I don’t really want to star in them, and that seems to be the trend for successful card blogs. I also have zero imagination, so I CASE everything. That stands for copy and share everything. But I say “steal” instead of share. All of the card blogs I love basically work for big craft supply companies as creative bloggers. They get free stuff, they test new products and they are inventive. That would be my dream. Especially if it were my full time job, but even some of them still work for a living…

I don’t have enough man power inside myself to create enough cards to sell on a large scale, but I would kill for a card blog job. Even if I was only paid in craft supplies. Who knows, maybe one day I will be there…

I find more comfort every day in that idea because I’m always so worried about the number of different company’s supplies I use. I always thought these card bloggers were loyal to one company and that company’s products. But I’m finding that my favorite card makers are all over the place with supplies.

I’m excited to try to make this blog something people will follow, and if you do follow it and you’re a card maker, considered me flattered. If you’re a friend and you peek here once in awhile, thank you. If you don’t care about this blog, that’s okay too. It’s a little too specific for most tastes.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy!

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