31 Days of Halloween Spooktacular Video Hop!


This will be the MAIN page for access to EVERY video all month long! To be in the drawing for the prize pack at the end of the month, please comment once on each video all month long!

Subscribing to each crafter is not necessary to be in the drawing, but very much appreciated!

Please see links for videos below:

October 1st: Witchtionery Crafting with a Halloween DONUT card! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vKU0LjH0Io

October 2nd: Cacacraft by Erica with an adorable ghost card! https://youtu.be/CVRcM9BCYeM

October 3rd: Create It With Joy with an awesome light up card! https://youtu.be/Q1rdIVF_pn0

October 4th: Dawn Marie with some bat and spider cards! https://youtu.be/PawXVqwuxPM

October 5th: Cheryl with some cute trick or treaters! https://youtu.be/LmSLPwBBLqA

October 6th: Jo with some very bright trick or treaters! https://youtu.be/AtA6ld-QpvE

October 7th: Peter with an adorable Halloween candy bag! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oTartZPJKw

October 8th: Amanda with a super spooky card! https://youtu.be/S9DXZYV-P8Y

October 9th: Marine with an awesome pop up scene! https://youtu.be/syc7DSRH8HI

October 10th: Jaimie with an awesome spinner card! https://youtu.be/kYTZpGZndTo

October 11th: Tracy with an adorable trick or treaters card! https://youtu.be/ZC9HgOB2w-c

October 12th: Samantha with a spooky pumpkin tag! https://youtu.be/rxkz63CCDHI

October 13th: Mary with double the spooky cards! https://youtu.be/pguqK_VrDvA

October 14th:

October 15th:

October 16th:

October 17th:

October 18th:

October 19th:

October 20th:

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October 31st:

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