In 2021, I want to challenge myself to use EVERY. LAST. STAMP. I own. Every tiny stamp on every set. I think this will greatly challenge me but also force me to use sets or stamps I don’t normally reach for. It will also probably stop me from buying so much, as I will have to use those as well. I’m not making any promises on Halloween stamps though. I can’t resist those.

I will definitely need to PLAN this out. For the average Lawn Fawn set for example, I will probably come up with 2-3 cards to make with the whole set, so it’s not just one crowded card. Holidays will all need to be planned and separated out. I have MANY Halloween and Christmas stamps.

How big is your collection? Do you think you could do this in 2021? Let me know! I am not sure the comments here are functioning but reach out to me at katykirwan@gmail.com or over on Instagram at hooklineandinker!

Let’s try this!

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